Can I revitalise an old key-pair?

Johan Wevers johanw at
Mon Sep 2 11:37:08 CEST 2013

On 02-09-2013 6:04, Henry Hertz Hobbit wrote:

> Compression?  The symmetric ciphers seem to always have better
> compression than either zlib (gzip) or zip.

Ciphers don't compress, the data is compressed before encrypting because
after encrypting it is not compressible anymore.

> 1. Keys created with a time to expire.

No, you can set the lifetime to infinite. Pgp v3 key's don't expire anyway.

However, since the OP talks about keys from 1999, he should check wether
they were made by pgp 5 for Unix (hints that this could be the case are
ElGamal keys of that age). If so, a weak PRNG might be used and it might
be wise to replace the keys.

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