Setting Preference for Block Cipher

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> Why?  Your preference list makes no sense.
> GnuPG and PGP will stop as soon as they hit 3DES.  They won't even look
> at the rest of the ciphers in your preference list.  "Okay, Mike likes
> Twofish, but the recipient doesn't support it... then CAST5, but that's
> not supported... then Blowfish, again not supported... hey, 3DES.  3DES
> is *guaranteed* to be supported.  The recipient has to speak 3DES.
> Cool.  We'll choose 3DES and not even bother with the rest of the list."
it is important to understand that the specification i have in MY key is
addressed to any party which may be sending to me.  I am essentially
telling the other party: use TWOFISH as my first choice.    Now: if the
sender encrypts the message to more than one recipient then ( if i'm
reading the documention right ) the selection the first supported option
common to both recipients

in the light of new information about NSA and NIST this is an
interesting topic

new information 2013-09-13

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