PGP/GPG confusing PGPDisk?

Robert J. Hansen rjh at
Tue Sep 24 03:49:04 CEST 2013

On 9/23/2013 12:34 PM, Andrew Long wrote:
> Since I installed the security update to Lion last week though, this 
> disk refuses to mount and complains about having been encrypted with 
> an incompatible cipher. I believe that it was created with AES256.

You have the most probable cause of the problem right there.  The
problem happened after a security update to Lion.  Look there.

> I was wondering if it is possible/likely that, because I have both 
> PGP & GnuPG installed on the same machine and keep copies of my 
> public key on both the PGO keyservers & sks-keyserers that I might 
> have introduced some confusion into the choices of algorithms 
> available between the two different installations?

Nope.  PGP is smart enough to use its own keyrings, not GnuPG's.
Whether your certificate is on the keyserver network also has nothing to
do with it.

I'm sorry about your problem, but really, it sounds as if it's either
Apple's fault or Symantec's -- depending on whether Apple informed
developers about the change which ultimately broke PGPDisk.  If they did
then it's Symantec's problem, if they didn't then it's Apple's problem.

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