Chipdrive SPR 532 and OpenPGP Card with 4096Bit RSA Keys

Florian Wolters florian at
Thu Apr 3 14:42:05 CEST 2014


I bought a Chipdrive SPR 532 (aka Pinpad Pro) to read and write my PGP
RSA Keys on the OpenPGP smartcard V2. The reader is connected to a PC
running Ubuntu Linux 13.10. I passed all that gpg-agent vs.
gnome-keyring manager stuff successfully.

The problem is that I cannot authenticate an SSH login using a smartcard
that I previously wrote the key to (with another smartcard reader). It
fails after I entered the PIN. 

The next try write my PGP key to the card also presented an "operation
failed" error. Does this smartcard reader not work in combination with
4096Bit RSA keys?

I already tried to update the firmware on the device (currently 4.51 or
so) to 5.10 but the update program also fails with an error message
saying nothing about the reason.

Has anyone this combination up and running and could point me into the
right direction to get this working?

Any help is appreciated. Thanks for reading.


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