request for pgp encrypted messages for testing

Tim Prepscius timprepscius at
Thu Apr 10 04:40:01 CEST 2014

Hey there,

As I've said before, I'm working on a PGP based web mail program.

The whole thing is GPL-Affero.  Copy, steal, add, reduce, as you wish.

Demonstration is here (which is often killed/reset/etc/so...):

And some screenshots:

Also, if anyone is interested in what the db looks like (without
actually setting it up for yourself)


At this point I'm at 100% for testing signatures of messages (both
inline and pgp-mime).  (Prob actually 95% but not enough test cases

I need more messages testing encryption.  I have found a few bugs in
openpgpjs concerning mime signing, and am dubious that it will
function perfectly with pgp-encryption.

If anyone here would like to help, please send an encrypted message to:
g at

g's public key is here:

If you would like your message to be placed in a public repository of
these messages, please include that in the encrypted block.
Please send whatever you'd like, html/text/attachment/etc.

My email address is timprepscius at  You can let me know
through the gmail if mooo does not go through (I'm using postfix
default settings)

Thank you to those who have already helped, and thank you all for your
time previously (with regard to the mime signing issues)


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