It's 2014. Are we there yet?

Robert J. Hansen rjh at
Fri Apr 11 21:35:20 CEST 2014

> And when those students finish University and get jobs, do they use
> Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat at work, or do they use Email at work?

Right now, Microsoft Sharepoint is in use at 80% of Fortune 500 firms.
Normally it's used to set up internal social networking for the company.
 Some firms are adopting it halfheartedly, and other firms are seeing it
significantly cut into email usage.  The trend is upwards.

Whether I think this is wise makes no difference to whether I see this
happening.  I think it's unwise, and I see it happening in droves.

> I don't find, "kids don't use email for casual conversations" to be a very
> convincing argument that email is on its way out.

I find it to be an overwhelming one.  The future has spoken, and it
thinks email is for old folks and fuddy-duddies.  No technology can be
said to be ascendant, or even keeping its market share, if future
generations are not signing on to use it.

Will email still be around in twenty years?  Sure.  But we still have
Gopher servers today, too.

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