gpg Feature request: merge gpg.exe and gpgsm.exe into one tool

Thomas Schittli schittli at
Sat Apr 19 13:34:34 CEST 2014

Dear GnuPG community
I'm not sure if I'm right here for feature requests... I try it:
Many open source tools like Git uses GnuPG.
Unfortunately, they usually only support gpg.exe - and therefore don't know how to handle X.509 certificates. 
It's a pitty, because GnuPG supports X.509 certificates since 3 years...

Therefore my Idea:
please merge the functions of gpg.exe and pgpsm.exe into one application.

And - I'm not sure if this is possible - try to automatically detect which kind of certificate is meant, e.g. if a function can not find the OpenSSL key, then it tries to use X.509.

Thanks a lot for this great tool!
Kind regards,

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