It's 2014. Are we there yet?

Robert J. Hansen rjh at
Sat Apr 19 23:14:47 CEST 2014

> Certainly a key manager (example GPA) can have certificates that can be
> version 2.

Version 3.  PGP 2.6 used version 3 certificates.  PGP 5 and beyond, and
all versions of GnuPG, have always used version 4 certificates natively;
support for version 3 certificates is done only for backwards compatibility.

> As far as I understand the all thing can not be trusted  (worse if you
> can not figure out the version of a given key).

If you don't want to trust GnuPG, don't look to me to talk you out of
it.  Life's too short.  If you have questions I'll happily answer them,
but I have zero interest in persuading you that GnuPG should be used or

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