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Am Mi 23.04.2014, 20:32:27 schrieb MFPA:

> Say a user has two keys, 0x0123456789abcdef and 0xfedcba9876543210. I
> propose each key could sign the other with a signature notation
> something like:-
> siblings-0x0123456789abcdef-0xfedcba9876543210 at example.org.

a) You always want to use fingerprints instead.

b) You do not need any reference to a key anyway because it is 
absolutely clear which keys this statement refers to if one key signs 

c) I would like to handle that with an generic notation. I see a strong 
need for an expression about the relation of the signer to the owner of 
the signed key. It makes a big difference whether I say "This is some 
foreigner which has shown me some ID (see separate notation for 
details)" or "This is my sister". Thus I would like to have a notation 
"relation@" which would in this case have a value like "identity" or 
"self", maybe with some additional information like "self: business".

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