Trustworthy Android implementation ?

Mirimir mirimir at
Sun Apr 27 22:17:00 CEST 2014

On 04/27/2014 09:55 AM, Old_Professor wrote:
> I'm looking for a trustworthy and user-friendly encryption product to
> use on my Android smart phone.  I found four implementations of GPG. I
> don't know anything about the competence or trustworthiness of the
> implementers.
> I'm concerned that if the phone is lost or stolen, how much resistance
> will the GPG implementation have to exposing my passphrase or private key.
> I found:
> APG - Thialfihar
> Gnu Privacy Guard -The Guardian Project
> OpenKeychain - Dominik Schürmann
> PGP SMS lite - woodkick

Better perhaps would be full-"disk" encryption. Some implementations can
wipe storage after N authentication failures. I know Guardian Rom the
best <>. There's also Mike Perry's

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