Managing Subkeys for Professional and Personal UIDs

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Mon Apr 28 17:10:31 CEST 2014

* on the Mon, Apr 28, 2014 at 02:40:29PM +0100, MFPA wrote:

>> I solve this problem using an OpenPGP smart card. My
>> PGP key never touches my work machine, so I never have
>> to worry about it being compromised.
> Many employers would not allow you to plug in hardware, so you
> couldn't use an OpenPGP smart card reader. And many would not allow
> GnuPG at all if it was not something they generally used. Or if they
> did use it, many would insist on key escrow or additional decryption
> key, or using a key they generated for you.

Many companies also make you wear a suit and tie and use Internet
Explorer 7. I do not work for these companies.
>> When I left my previous job, I revoked the UID containing the email
>> address assigned by that company, and then added the new UID for
>> the new company.
> How did the previous employer feel about not having access to any
> of your archived messages/documents?

This is what we call a loaded question.

I did not make any data that belonged to the company, unavailable to
the company, via any methods, be that encryption, or deletion. My use
of OpenPGP was well known, and at no point was it discouraged.
Several of my colleagues also used OpenPGP, although I don't believe
any of them used a smart card.

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