Stephen Nightingale night at nist.gov
Wed Aug 6 17:58:49 CEST 2014

We now have a DANE OpenPGP tester up and running in the HAD-Pilot
project at NIST.  Test descriptions are at
https://www.had-pilot.com/openpgp/.  The test target is
tester at openpgp.had-pilot.biz.  The website describes tests for signing,
encrypting, authenticating and decrypting, and the associated DNS
lookups for your user at domain and our tester at openpgp.had-pilot.biz.

If you provision your user, and do DNS lookups for our tester, you
should get correct responses for all 7 tests.

Without provisioning your user and domain in the DNS, you can
meaningfully run the tests:
- openpgp ping - returns a 'tester alive' message,
- openpgp signed - returns 'NXDOMAIN',
- openpgp request sign - returns a signed message for which you
                         don't have the public key.

We are trying to get some early users for the system, and wring it out
as needed.  Error behaviour tests will follow, sometime.

Note, the test tool uses 65280 as the RRType code for the OPENPGPKEY RR.
 Once it is assigned an IANA registration number, we'll change it.


Stephen Nightingale.

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