How to preserve the permission/owner/group owner on the pubring.gpg, secring.gpg and trustdb.gpg

Peter Lebbing peter at
Thu Aug 7 20:54:37 CEST 2014

Glad you could work it out. I still think the best solution lies
somewhere else, not sharing secring and having only one account update
pubring (or not sharing pubring).

But I have an important, but simple modification to your scheme.

Don't share anything else but pubring.gpg and secring.gpg. It's really
unnecessary and should be avoided. Include lines like

keyring /path/to/shared/pubring.gpg
secret-keyring /path/to/shared/secring.gpg

in each user's gpg.conf and don't share the other files.

I couldn't properly grasp your plan, so I have no comment on that. As
long as world-readable/writable secret files are out the window, it
seems a major improvement ;).

Oh! I just thought of something! If you include the following:

keyring /writable/by/admin/pubring.gpg
keyring /writable/by/test1/pubring.gpg
primary-keyring /writable/by/admin/pubring.gpg

keyring /writable/by/admin/pubring.gpg
keyring /writable/by/test1/pubring.gpg
primary-keyring /writable/by/test1/pubring.gpg

keyring /writable/by/admin/pubring.gpg
keyring /writable/by/test1/pubring.gpg

Then both admin and test1 can have their own writable pubrings which are
only readable by other users, and the users see the total of all keys in
either pubring.

This still leaves secring which is much simpler, since only admin needs
write access. Also, I don't think secrings stack like pubrings do, so
you couldn't do this.



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