Error - bad passphrase

Philip Jackson philip.jackson at
Mon Aug 11 12:50:16 CEST 2014

On 10/08/14 09:13, david at wrote:
> Hi All,
> Am at a loss now. I've Thunderbird 31 and Enigmail 1.7
> Since this upgrade I've had various issues - unable to sign unable to encrypt - I get an
> error message from Enigmail "Error - bad passphrase" - when I've not even entered it at the
> time.
> Also KGpg comes up with the following error Gnupg failed to start - "gpg: option file
> `/home/david/.gnupg/gpg.conf': No such file or directory."
> Kleopatra - Check that gpg-agent is running and that the GPG_AGENT_INFO variable is set and
> up-to-date.
These are the same errors I got but they had nothing to do with either
Thunderbird 31 or enigmail (which was on version 1.6 at the time).

I had recently abandoned Windows 7 for linux UbuntuStudio 14.04 and everything
worked fine but the standard gpg issue in the distribution was (and is) 1.4.16.

I decided to install the gnupg 2.0.22 (Ubuntu flavour) and that's when I had the
same errors you have even though I hadn't entered any passphrase (nor even been
asked to provide it).

I removed 2.0.22 and all the errors disappeared.

I'm still trying to pluck up courage to have another go at gnupg2 and then into
smart cards.


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