Seeking clarification with a few GPG concepts

Peter Lebbing peter at
Thu Aug 14 11:57:51 CEST 2014

On 13/08/14 23:09, MFPA wrote:
> And, as you say, she would not be able to re-use signatures she 
> collected on her "old" UID2 on her "new" one.

Actually, interestingly, you can. There is no timestamp or anything in a
UID; two UIDs with identical text are completely identical[1]. That
means that old certifications in this case do carry over (if they're not



[1] Well; except for the fact that it is the UTF-8 encoded text that is
signed, and it is possible for two different UTF-8 texts to come out
exactly the same. In that case two UIDs look the same but are different.

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