installing gnupg-2.0.26

Philip Jackson philip.jackson at
Wed Aug 27 15:42:11 CEST 2014

On 27/08/14 09:57, Werner Koch wrote:
> BZIP2 support is optional.  If the bzip2 package is not installed you
> won't have bzip2 support.  You may want to "apt-get install libbz2-dev"
> or similar and rebuild gnupg.
>> I suppose gnupg-1.4.16 and the new 2.0.26 share the same gpg.conf so I could
>> remove BZIP2 from the gpg.conf file or perhaps better is to recompile 2.0.26
>> with BZIP2.
> Yes.  You may however use gpg.conf-1 (for 1.4) of gpg.conf-2 (for 2.0)
> which are first looked for.

Thanks - I've used the gpg.conf-2 solution for a temporary fix and gpg2 seems to
work so far and enigmail has picked it up and works with it ok.

When I get a little more time, I'll track down the source code for libbz2-dev
and build it in my gnupg-2.0.26 installation.

My linux distribution already has libbz2-1.0 but it will be elsewhere in the
file structure and I haven't yet found out how to make use of it for my
installation of 2.0.26.

For the moment, I'm more than happy that my first experience of compiling from
source code has worked.

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