Order/changing of subkeys derogates compatibility!?

Robert J. Hansen rjh at sixdemonbag.org
Tue Dec 2 00:03:50 CET 2014

> You are testing a modern tool that aims to be standards-compliant
> against an unmaintained, known-broken program that was out of date
> before the standards were even settled.  When you found an
> incompatibility, you reported the problem against the modern,
> standards-compliant tool.

I think that's a bit harsh: he was asking about interoperability, not
reporting a bug.

That said, in the main I agree with you.  If someone has a real need for
2.6 or 6.5.8 interoperability and upgrading isn't an option, then sure,
ask around.  But otherwise, I'd prefer it if anything pre-PGP 9 or
pre-GnuPG 1.2 could just be left on the ash-heap of history.

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