Is the OpenPGP card open hardware

Kai Pöritz kai at
Wed Dec 3 12:38:32 CET 2014

Hi folks,

I hear a lot of poeple -saying- that the OpenPGP card is "open hardware".
Now as much as I would like it to be just that, I can not find any
reference about that claim to be true.

I see a lot of online shops selling the OpenPGP card, but none of them
claims the card to be open hardware.

I am confused about what people -say- when i -talk- to them in personal
and what I find as printed facts.

E.g. A mecrchandise shop owner at "Linux Tag 2014 in Berlin" that also
sold the OpenPGP cards said (that was his 1st and major selling point):
"The thing is open hardware".

So my questions are simply:
1) Is the OpenPGP card indeed open hardware?
2) If so, where can I read abaout the hardware layout and the firmware?
3) If not so, what makes the OpenPGP different from any other
proprietary samrtcard?

Thanks in advance

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