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On Thursday, December 04, 2014 11:41:40 AM Steven M. Sawczyn wrote:
> GpgOl plugin (included with gpg4win)
> *         Does not stay activated, I need to reactivate each time I launch
> Outlook 2013.

Outlook decativates plugins when they are slow to load. As GpgOL pulls up gpg-
agent and kleopatra on launch this might be the issue there. :-/ 

> *         Does not allow me to clear sign a message, I can add an encrypted
> signed message to the clear text, but nine times out of ten, that's not what
> I want to do.

Jep we had a long discussion about this. See feel free to comment there why this 
does not work in your use case.

> *         I have two Email accounts configured in Outlook and for some
> reason, GpgOL insists on encrypting to my other account even though that
> other account is not listed as a recipient anywhere in the message.

Mmh, what we do there is ask outlook "Hey Outlook please give me the sender 
object for this mail" "Of that sender object can I have the SMTP address 
please" and then use this as encryption recipient. I'll try to look into this 
next time I start to work on GpgOL

> If anyone could help with any of this, I'd definitely appreciate it.  As a
> stopgap solution, I've thought of possibly using the Windows clipboard to
> encrypt/decrypt, however, I can't find an easy way to do this with GPG4win
> either.

Clipboard is definitely a good stopgap (until we can do a proper outlook >2010 
plugin). Both Kleopatra (as of gpg4win-2.2.2) and GPA have Clipboard options 
in their menu.
Kleopatra also offers the clipboard option through the system tray. If you 
configure it not to be hidden in the tray this should be "easy".
Right Click on Kleopatra's icon -> Clipboard. 


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