Unable to encrypt file with private/public key

Duplicity Mailing List duplicitymailinglist at mail.ru
Thu Dec 18 17:11:18 CET 2014

On 18/12/14 16:04, Duplicity Mailing List wrote:
> It's _only_ for signing, _not_ for
> encrypting/transportation of data

Ignore all of this. I made a huge mistake, apparently you can encrypt
data and store it in the ASCII files, I have no idea why I thought you
couldn't, it's so logical that you can, all it is doing is storing bytes
as ASCII, it's just I've never seen it in use so I never connected the
dots until I read vedaal's message.

What I'm trying to say is:-
.asc can be used for encrypted connect, albeit probably not recommending
if you're sending large files, just as much as it can be used for
signatures. Signatures are to verify the content hasn't been modified,
encryption is to verify that only the recipient can read the data, and
encrypt+sign is to verify the data hasn't been modified and the
recipient is the only one who can read it.

There we go, sorry for the mistake, I feel very stupid right about now.

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