latest version build error

Daniel Kahn Gillmor dkg at
Thu Dec 18 23:20:51 CET 2014

On 12/18/2014 05:14 AM, Joshua Rogers wrote:

> I'm trying to build the latest version of gnupgp from the git repo, but
> I'm encountering a problem while compiling it.

I think you mean gnupg, not gnupgp :)

> libcommon.a(libcommon_a-logging.o): In function `set_file_fd':
> gnupg/common/logging.c:449: undefined reference to `gpgrt_fclose'
> gnupg/common/logging.c:457: undefined reference to `_gpgrt_get_std_stream'
> gnupg/common/logging.c:457: undefined reference to `gpgrt_fileno'
> gnupg/common/logging.c:516: undefined reference to `gpgrt_fopencookie'
> gnupg/common/logging.c:523: undefined reference to `gpgrt_setvbuf'
> gnupg/common/logging.c:521: undefined reference to `_gpgrt_get_std_stream'
> [.....]
> From a Google search, gpgrt_fclose, for example, is in libgpg-error.

You don't mention what platform you're on, but given your recent reports
in the debian BTS, i think you're using debian.  The package you're
probably looking for is libgpg-error-dev.



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