Different subkeys and the use of a SmartCard

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Am Sa 20.12.2014, 19:20:23 schrieb Christopher Beck:

> Third and last, thought it makes sense for gpg to use the newest sub
> key only (especially for the signing sub key), is there a possibility
> to force gpg to use a specific sub key? This question could manually
> solve question number two and could be useful for me on educational
> purposes (for example to show, what happens, if an older, perhaps
> revoked or expired, sub key is being used).

That is possible but AFAIK only via gpg command line parameters. I am 
not aware of any configuration file magic which would enforce this if gpg 
is called by another program (mail client) or gpgme is used.

If 0x11111111 is the old subkey and 0x22222222 the new one and 
0x88888888 the main key then you would usually call gpg this way:

gpg --local-user 0x88888888 --sign file

Instead you can do this:

gpg --local-user 0x11111111! --sign file

Please note the "!".

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