File Encryption

Robert J. Hansen rjh at
Sat Dec 27 05:28:42 CET 2014

> Robert: In spite of the fud about TC, do you still like it?

First, please don't respect my opinion on it -- I don't think I know
enough to have an opinion on it!

TrueCrypt has published source and a lot of people looking at it.  Prior
versions of TrueCrypt sometimes had appalling failures (what was it, in
5.3 it actually stored passphrases in RAM in cleartext), but current
versions seem credible.  I'm unaware of any published attacks on the
latest TrueCrypt, nor am I aware of any research indicating there are
numerous problems.  The code is a mess, yes -- but that's not by itself
evidence of a major problem.

Please don't read this as a recommendation.  It's more of a, "if you
need free software disk encryption for Windows then it's your only real
choice, and it doesn't appear to be an obviously stupid one."

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