File Encryption

Robert J. Hansen rjh at
Sat Dec 27 21:26:31 CET 2014

> Steve Gibson [0] has a slightly different opinion of the code:-
> "It is truly lovely. It is beautifully constructed. It is amazing
> work to be deeply proud of."

I do not personally find Gibson to be a credible commentator.  He's made
a lot of really embarrassing brainos over the years -- like when he
predicted that TCP raw sockets would be the coming of the Information
Apocalypse.  There have been lots of other examples.  Check out his
Wikipedia page under "Controversies"; these have all been errors of such
magnitude that I'd be wearing a paper bag over my head.

I know a lot of people listen to him, but ... frankly, I do not have a
high opinion of his skills and commentary.

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