The praise of GnuPG @31C3

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Wed Dec 31 16:55:07 CET 2014

Sorry guys, I first wrote these emails as part of another thread.
(Not enough sleep over the last days of 31C3 ...)
But because IMO this is something important for this list,
please allow me to redistribute it as separate thread, again.

For those who didn't have time to see it yet,
there was an important talk at 31C3
about the social and technical status and consequences of
encryption by Jacob Applebaum and Laura Poitras.
As a side effect it covers GnuPG significantly.

So, please watch it completely at:

For those not having enough time let me point out and quote some content
from the talk with the timepoints in the video
to be able to see/hear/double-check it yourself.
I also added sometime some add-ons in [...] to understand the context.
All quotes except the last are by Jacob Appelbaum.

 PPTP, ipsec, SSL, TLS, SSH are broken by NSA

 we found that they [NSA] consistently break various different
 types of encryption

 we want to show one PRISM record
 (the record contains:
  "no decrypt available for this OTR encrypted message")

 basically everyone that uses cryptography is broken
 except for two things: OTR and PGP ([36:06])

 the sad part is that not everyone is using it
 but the good news is that when you use it it appears to work
 (when you verified the fingerprint for example)

 they [NSA] themselves find that they are blinded
 when you use properly implemented cryptography.

 GnuPG and OTR are two things that actually stop the spies
 from spying on you with PRISM

 if you use redphone and signal,
 if you use something like TOR and GnuPG
 with a properly sized key ...
 if you use OTR
 if you use ...
 if you use encontered together
 you blind them

 Werner Koch [GnuPG], ... could you stand up?
 Ian Goldberg [OTR], ...
 Christine Corbett [Signal],
 stand up and keep standing!
 These people without even knowing it and without
 even trying they beat them!

43:55 :
 Laura Poitras:
 Last night I screened my film Citizenfour here ...
 Somebody ask what an they do to support the work that Snowden has done
 and the Journalists.
 Everybody should fund the work that you guys do ...
 because literally, my work would not be possible without
 the work that you do.
 So, I would like it if everybody in this room when they leave here
 in the next week to reach out and fund these projects
 because without these projects the journalism
 that Glenn [Greenwald] and I and Jake have done
 would literally not be possible

Nicolai M. Josuttis
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