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Mon Feb 3 11:35:51 CET 2014

On Sat,  1 Feb 2014 14:13, martin at said:
> Too bad I missed. Where did you get with the ECC discussion?

I merely reported about the status and that I think it is better to wait
a few weeks until the I-D for the new curves is more complete.  Then we
can start to implement that.

Kristian reported that the keyservers do not yet fully support ECC
(required for keyid and fingerprints) but that should not be a
showstopper.  Deployment of new keyserver code is happening much faster
than in the past.

We have been about 12 people at the BoF and from their comments I read
that non-NIST curves should be the default.

But first of all I need to fix some things I broke in the last weeks.

We also talked about a possible 1.5 release to make 1.4 maintenance
easier by switching to Libgcrypt.  This would save use from maintaining
a completely detached branch of crypto code for 1.4 and allow to add ECC
support to GnuPG-1.



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