making the X.509 infrastructure available for OpenPGP

Robert J. Hansen rjh at
Thu Feb 6 23:18:37 CET 2014

> No I am not. An example of a similarly false statement would be "When
> a trader does not employ an accountant he is serving as his own
> accountant."

You don't have a false statement so much as a logical paradox: when a  
trader has no accountant, he is his own accountant -- structurally,  
it's similar to 'the village barber shaves only those men who do not  
shave themselves'; the statement nullifies its own truth.

Add the word 'external' before the first instance of 'accountant' and  
you'll have a true statement.

> So Mozilla serves as the CA for most Firefox users, because Mozilla
> makes the decision which root certificates to trust.

Arguably, sure.  I'm not sure I'd go for that, but it has the virtue  
of being a creative interpretation of commonly-accepted terms rather  
than something completely heterodox.

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