Error "Need the secret key to do this" Encountered During adduid command in UNIX

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Mon Feb 10 20:28:11 CET 2014

Hi Daniel - thank you for the information... so using --export-secret-keys does the complete key, including both public and secret?  The key I had imported and then tried to use adduid on was created using just --export.  I could not use adduid on the new machine I had imported too;  sounds like using this --export-secret-keys would have solved the issue.  Is there any special syntax on the --import when importing a file that was exported using --export-secret-keys?

Jim Ernst
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> After looking at it further, I did wonder whether or not it was a result of exporting the file off of one UNIX machine and importing it onto another (again, using just --export). Would you know if movement like that between machines should create an issue? I was figuring the key could be exported from one UNIX machine and imported to another, but I did not know if the machine ID was part of the key.

--export only emits the public keys, not the secret keys.  You'd want --export-secret-keys if you wanted to transfer the secret keys as well.



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