Subject: openpgp card and basiccard RNG

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Thu Feb 13 12:13:58 CET 2014

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> Makes sense, So does anyone know the version of BasicCard used for openpgp
> cards? Or who to contact with this question? I asked at the distributor (
> and they said they couldn't answer such technical
> questions and suggested I try asking on this list.
For everyone's information, fter getting in touch with ZeitCorp, the makers
of the hardware and software in the OpenPGP cards in question, I received a
reply from Michael Petig stating that they use the Professional BasicCard
ZC7.5 which includes a hardware RNG.

Of course in the end it still comes down to the question of how much we
trust ZeitCorp, but I have no positive reason not to. Using these cards has
risk of course but much smaller than the potential for increased security.

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