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On 19/02/2014 00:05, Julian H. Stacey wrote:
> Bernard Tyers - ei8fdb wrote:
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>> Hello Ludovic!
>> I=92d like to go along and take part.
>> One thing: what kind of person are you expecting to attend? I would like =
>> to suggest you open it to journalists, human rights defenders, activist =
>> communities?
>> I was at the Fosdem KSP and eventhough I enjoyed it (can you actually =
>> =93enjoy=94 a key signing party?) I observed some ways in which it might =
>> have been improved, particularly for first time party-goers.
>> I had intended on writing this up as some feedback for the great Fosdem =
>> people in case they were interested, but you=92ve prompted me to do it =
>> here:
>> NB: This feedback makes the following assumptions:
>> 1. People who *are not* advanced/expert GPG are encouraged to attend.
>> 2. A similar key signing protocol to the modified Zimmerman-Sassaman is =
>> used.

>> 1. Explain whats needed *before* you attend the key signing party.
>> Steps of:
>> a. Submit your keys before date X. Give clear steps on how to submit the =
>> keys.
>> b. Inform the user when the list of participants will be released. =
>> Explain the list of participants needs to be downloaded.
This was pretty clear on the fosdem keysgning key page
>> c. Please, please, please outline the steps the user needs to take to =
>> verify the participant lists keysum *on the website not* in the list of =
>> participants.
>> (I spoke with a lot of party goers at Fosdem who were unaware of the =
>> steps=85which were in the list of keys. But if you didn=92t know you had =
>> to download the list, and didn=92t have access to a printer=85.)
>> 2. Explain the overall process involved *once you are at* the key =
>> signing party.
>> Again, at Fosdem this seemed to be handled eventually by word of mouth =
>> and general =93whipping=94 people into order. Some people were unsure of =
>> the process.
That's because some people were late. I've submitte feedbakc to the
organizer , adn he'll change a few things for netx year.
>> 3. Explain what is needed *after* the party finishes.
>> This was handled well at the Fosdem party.
>> A few other things I made a note of were:
>> - If possible try and had tables provided for the people taking part so =
>> they can put their documentation/equipment down while they are checking =
>> keys etc.=20
We had that once in 2007 - it didn't scale at all. Time for people to
seat etc ....
>> - Have some people helping out when people don=92t know what=92s =
>> involved.
that's a very good point.
>> - Think about capping the maximum amount of people able to attend, or =
>> think about having two sessions.
I've said tell people in avacnce how long it might take.
>> I thought it interesting even those who looked like =93seasoned=94 key =
>> signing party goers needed to stop and think about what they should do =
>> in certain circumstances.
>> Only because of the kindness of one party goer I managed to get as far =
>> as I did.=20
>> While the Fosdem party webpage technically had 99% of the information =
>> needed, it was not very user-friendly, particularly to a non-seasoned =
>> KSP person. I really hope they can redesign it to be easier to read.
>> If you need some help, please let me know as I=92d happily help out.
>> All the best,
>> Bernard

>> On 12 Feb 2014, at 11:40, Ludovic Hirlimann <ludovic at> wrote:
>>> Hi,
>>> =20
>>> I'm organizing a pgp key signing party in London on March the 25th at
>>> 6:30 PM BST in the mozilla space of the mozilla office in London.
>>> =20
>>> I've been trying to reach out to Londoners and Uk users of pgp using
>>> twitter ( ),
>>> I've tried to contact the Linux Users group, but din't get much out of
>>> it. So I'm going to try to get some atention here.
>>> =20
>>> The space is limited in the london office so you'll need to register
>>> using event brite at
>>> =
>> 17677
>>> .
>>> =20
>>> Ludo
> I suggest Ludovic Hirlimann <ludovic at> should search
> 	London BSD Group
> & contact eg
> Cheers,
> Julian
Thanks Julian

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