Using SCIM with GTK pinentry does not work

Chris Down chris at
Mon Feb 24 08:28:12 CET 2014

I use SCIM[0] to input Pinyin on Linux. This works with other programs,
but not the GTK pinentry dialog for gpg-agent.

In gpg-agent, no characters are recorded when I press keys. Disabling
SCIM fixes this problem, but that's not an acceptable solution for me --
I need it.

The changelog notes that this particular problem was fixed in 2009[1] in
2.0.13, but it still persists with 2.0.22 for me:

From the changelog:
> * The envvars XMODIFIERS, GTK_IM_MODULE and QT_IM_MODULE are now
>   passed to the Pinentry to make SCIM work.

I found some open bug entries[2] for this issue, which do not appear to
have been resolved.

The input method environment variables are in the pinentry program's
environment, but this still does not work.

Any ideas? Thanks.

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