How to do pinentry in same screen as gpg

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Am Fr 03.01.2014, 01:14:22 schrieb Dan Mahoney, System Admin:

> It basically works perfectly with gpg1, where I can get an inline
> prompt for a password, but gpg2 falls short where it tries to set up
> some kind of a unix-socket connection to a pinentry dialog, and this
> all falls apart within the simple exec() alpine is doing to launch
> the filter.  GPG hangs up and I wind up needing to kill the whole
> window.

Do you start gpg-agent before gpg2? I would expect the behaviour to be 
the same like gpg if gpg-agent is not running.

> It might also be nice if I could basically start a pinentry program in
> a dedicated window,

You can write a wrapper around pinentry. This wrapper could start 
pinentry in a different console. See:

I assume this is much more a screen problem. Some time ago I tried to 
create a pipeline between two processes running in different screen 
windows. I didn't manage to do that. But maybe there are tricks unknown 
to me. Maybe that can be done with redirecting stdin and stdout to a 
socket with socat or something like that.

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