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Robert J. Hansen rjh at
Mon Jan 6 02:26:16 CET 2014

> Let me guess: Modifying the mail client so that it automatically removes 
> the word "not" would be illegitimate because for some strange reason 
> that would be "solving social problems by technical means"...

Hauke, at this point you've advocated your idea -- strongly -- and
you've received a general response that is not favorable.  Now, no one
is saying you need to give up on this idea: but if you want to pursue
this idea, you're going to need to implement it yourself.

The best way to prove us wrong is to write a patch that will implement
your idea.  Reality is the ultimate test of all new ideas; make it real,
put it out there, and let the marketplace of ideas choose.

But for now, I don't think you're persuading anyone into implementing
this for you.

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