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Am Mo 06.01.2014, 11:09:55 schrieb Erik Josefsson:

> Further, a friend told me that his key-manager won't let him encrypt
> to one of them.

Not surprising:

pub   4096R/0xB240C11D 2010-12-10 [expires: 2014-11-11]
uid         Erik Josefsson <erik.josefsson at europarl.europa.eu>
uid         Erik Josefsson (ehj) <erik.hjalmar.josefsson at gmail.com>
sub   4096R/0x0971954D 2010-12-10 [expired: 2013-12-09]

> A pointer to a beginners "how to" fix this would be much appreciated.

You must extend the validity period of the subkey. This may be easier 
with a GUI (GPA cannot do that but Enigmails key management can).

In the console it's this:

gpg --edit-key 0xB240C11D
_ > key 1
_ > expire
_ > ...
_ > save

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