Windows editor destroys gpg.conf

vedaal at vedaal at
Wed Jan 15 16:38:18 CET 2014

On Wed, Jan 15, 2014 at 2:02 PM, Hauke Laging  wrote:

> 1) Does anyone know what the problem is and/or whether I can 
>avoid it by
> using another program which is part of Windows (or widely used)?


I often switch between Ubuntu and Windows, and have 2 separate gpg.conf. files,
(my keyrings are in a truecrypt container, and in Windows, truecrypt containers mount to their own file letter 
(e.g. V:\)
while in Ubuntu it mounts as a numbered directory as part of a dev/ directory,
so the home directory for gnupg has a different address).

Anyway, when using a gpg.conf file in windows that was done in Ubuntu,
Windows sometimes 'decides' that the lines are too long and wrap them, 
thereby creating a new line in gpg.conf that makes no sense.

This can happen if the 'Comment' option  line is too long, or a # commented out line is too long.

Another reason that might invalidate a gpg.conf, on windows,  is if there are any '/' instead of '\'  .

The actual program in Linux that is used to write the gpg.conf doesn't really matter.

Using Notepad to edit it in windows will quickly show if there is a problem.
Notepad is in every edition of windows, and opens files without .txt  extensions.
(It easily open gpg.conf and saves it a gpg.conf).


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