gnupg binaries too big? / OpenBSD Moving Towards Signed Packages — Based On D. J. Bernstein Crypto

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Sun Jan 19 14:46:19 CET 2014


Is there any possibility to create a minimal version of gnupg?
# ---
/"It's official: 'we are moving towards signed packages 
<>,' says Theo de 
Raadt on the misc@ mailing list. This is shortly after a new utility, 
signify <>, was committed 
into the base tree. The reason a new utility had to be written in the 
first place <> is that gnupg 
is too big to fit on the floppy discs, which are still a supported 
installation medium for OpenBSD. Signatures are based on the Ed25519 
<> public-key signature system from D. J. 
Bernstein and co., and his public domain code once again appears 
<> in the base tree 
of OpenBSD, only a few weeks after some other DJB inventions made it 
into the nearby OpenSSH 
as well."/

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