time delay unlock private key.

nb.linux nb.linux at xandea.de
Thu Jan 23 18:53:57 CET 2014

Hi Uwe,

Johannes Zarl:
> So in short:
>  - a delay won't help you
>  - protect your private key so this won't happen
>  - always use a strong passphrase
and in addition: if you fear (or know) that your secret key was copied
from your system, revoke it!
To me, this is a very important feature of OpenPGP: _you_ can actually
do something to reduce (not more, but also not less!) harm for yourself
and others.
And, you can be prepared for such an event (i.e. having created the
revocation certificates in advance, stored them in a save but accessible
place, printed out on paper,...).

-- nb.linux

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