Revocation certificates [was: time delay unlock private key.]

Robert J. Hansen rjh at
Fri Jan 24 01:38:19 CET 2014

> Well... I don't know how you type

With a nine-volt battery, a paperclip, and a USB cable that has only  
one end -- the other is bare wires.  You wouldn't believe how  
difficult it is to do the initial handshake, but once you've got it  
down you can easily tap out oh, three or four words a minute.  For  
speed, nothing else comes close.

My father gets on my case for using the nine-volt battery.  In his  
day, they had a potato and a couple of wire leads plunged into it.   
But really, technology marches on and we should all embrace battery  

> passphrase would really have to try hard to guess what passphrase I am using.
> And even more to remember a seven-word sentence seen once.

You are not the typical use case.  No one person is a typical use case.

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