Setting up shared access to gpg on a UNIX server

NdK ndk.clanbo at
Fri Jan 31 14:35:11 CET 2014

Il 31/01/2014 01:29, DUELL, BOB ha scritto:

> A couple folks (Diego and Johannes) mentioned using a smartcard or a
> token.  I think a smartcard refers to a piece of hardware, but I
> don't know what a "token" means.  Our server is in a datacenter and
> I'm sure I cannot attach any sort of hardware.
A token is a bundle of a smartcard and a reader, and usually looks like
an USB stick.
If you have a dedicated (non virtual) server, usually you can ask to
have a token plugged in. If you're using a virtual server, then it's
harder and there are other possible attacks against your key material,
as previously discussed on-list.

> I might be able to use a software only solution; I've heard something
> about "agents", but don't really understand any details.  Can such an
> agent be used, one that I can start and load the key with passphrase
> at system startup?
I don't know if such an agent exists.


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