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J. David Boyd jdavidboyd at
Tue Jul 8 20:41:36 CEST 2014

"Gould, Michael (RIS-BCT)" <Michael.Gould at> writes:

> Currently we use do not use pgp for email, only to decrypt and/or
> encrypt customer files for processing. We currently use a single user
> id for this however this doesn’t allow us to audit the use. What I was
> wondering is can I create a public key that has everyone’s email
> address in it that should have access to a specific private key? If
> not any other suggestions or example or URL of places that have
> detailed explanations would be appreciated.
> Best Regards
> Michael Gould

You _can_ do that.  I have several email addresses associated with my gpg
key.   The problem is that all the 'users' will have to know the pass phrase
to the secret key to be able to crypt/decrypt, which means that any of them
can make changes to your keys.


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