one key/pair for multiple email accounts

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>> i have mulitple email accounts and in the past had
>> generated a key/pair for each, each with its own unique
>> passphrase. i'm rethinking that approach.

>> curious how other uses in this situation manage their
>> gnupg?

> I use multiple email addresses and frequently change some of them. I
> have included no "real" name or valid email address in my key's
> user-id: the way I use email addresses would otherwise require
> multiple keys and/or an accumulation of redundant UIDs (if the keys
> were on keyservers - otherwise I could just delete the redundant
> UIDs).

> Also, I happen to believe that:-
>  (1) knowing an email address or a (sufficiently unique) name should
>      enable somebody to find a key to use for encryption.
>  (2) access to a public key should not of itself compromise the
>      privacy of the key "owner" by leaking additional personal data
>      about said "owner."

> My current solution achieves (2) nut not (1).

> There are two down sides to this approach. Firstly, the lack of email
> address makes it harder for other people to use my key. Secondly, if I
> wanted to participate in the web of trust, the lack of "real" name
> would make it difficult.

good points. thanks for the insight. i see some tweaks i'll incorporate.

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