How to add secondary uid?

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Am So 13.07.2014, 21:06:50 schrieb Schlacta, Christ:
> I've googled, and I've searched, and I've tried and I've screwed up
> and deleted without sending to keyserver...  but I can't for the life
> of me figure out how to add my lesser used e-mails to my gpg key as
> secondaries.  Every time I try, they become the primary uid, and
> completely unsigned by the people who have signed my primary UID, as
> well.  Not sure how to add the secondaries...  but I figure one of you
> will know.  How do I add secondary UIDs to my gpg key?

The answer is simple: You cannot "add a secondary UID" to a certificate. 
You can "add a UID" only.

The new one does not become a "primary UID" in a technical sense. It is 
just shown first because it has the newest self signature.

You have to explicitly mark one as primary:

gpg --edit-key 0x12345678
gpg> uid 2
gpg> primary
gpg> save

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