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> Hello,
> first I admit that this is not a GnuPG problem.
> AFAIK the smartphone OpenPGP clients are incapable of handling PGP/MIME 
> yet. Wouldn't it be nice to have a mail service where you can send a  
> PGP/MIME mail to and get it back in PGP/Inline format (or more general: 
> in the other format)?
> If the message is encrypted then there would not even be a privacy 
> concern.
> Unencrypted mail could be forwarded (and sent back) encryptedly. The 
> service provider could read it though.
> If such services become established (of course, after so much time the 
> smartphone apps should finally be fixed...) then the mail providers 
> could offer this service themselves. They already know the mail content 
> anyway.
> Hauke
There is a mail program supporting pgp messages. It's K9-Mail with APG
encryption software. It supports PGP/MIME message format.
Whenever a PGP encrypted message is detected, it calls APG to do the
cryptographic tasks and view the decrypted message.
Of course, there is no way to convert PGP/MIME to inline PGP because
this will break the PGP signature validity.
I recommend to leave the smartphone as is and do the encrypted mails on a pc.

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