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>> If I recall correctly, PGP's keyserver "PGP Global
>> Directory" sends an email to each email address in the
>> uids when a key is submitted, and only lists those
>> uids whose email address replies. It re-sends these
>> verification emails every six months, and deletes keys
>> if there is no reply. It also allows anybody with
>> access to your email address to delete your key and
>> upload a different one, according to Wikipedia [0].

> I just recently published a number of keys, and never
> noticed any such emails.

Did you publish them to the (stand-alone) "PGP Global Directory?"
rather than to one of the keyservers that propagates the keys to each

It's possible the "PGP Global Directory" has changed it's processes,
but any such change is not yet reflected in their FAQ page [0], which
still says:-

"What new features are available with the PGP Global Directory?
The PGP Global Directory uses next-generation keyserver technology; it
sends verification messages to the email addresses on a submitted key
and lets you manage your own key, including removing it--features not
available on keyservers with older keyserver technology."


"Does the PGP Global Directory use any other methods for keeping
itself free of unusable keys?
Yes. The PGP Global Directory re-verifies keys every six months by
sending a renewal email message to the email address on the key. If
the key owner does not respond, the key will be removed from the
directory. In order for the key to remain on the PGP Global Directory,
the owner must approve the renewal request. This feature ensures the
PGP Global Directory will always contain only current keys."

[0] <>.

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