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If you've posted here, are you trying to determine the level of interest out-side of the German-speaking community?  I certainly would be interested in reading an English translation.  


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I would like to abuse this list for something IMHO important though slightly off-topic...

I think we (and "we" is "the Internet users" not just "those who write on gnupg-users"...) are missing a culture of secured communication (which can mean encrypted, signed or anonymous or a combination of that) and that an accpeted (by "those who write on gnupg-users" ;-) ) code of conduct (my German term: "Crypto-Knigge") would be quite useful to get there (or at least nearer).

I am not talking about technical recommendations but about "organizational" (behaviour / attitude) recommendations. It's not the reason for the selection but I assume that it's easier to get a concensus in that area... :-)

I have written a draft for that. And now it's getting even more off-
topic: It's in German; thus this mainly addresses the Gerrman speaking (i.e. understanding) people on this list who might be interested in

The idea is not OpenPGP- / GnuPG-specific but for obvious reasons my view is...

But if there is enough interest from people who don't understand German then I would try to make a good translation.

I wrote it in German because (a) most of my crypto-related articles are an German and (b) something big (compared to former crypto stuff affecting the general public) is going to happen in Germany later this year which could help a lot to make this more common.

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