Why create offline main key without encryption capabilities

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> But I yet have to find someone recommending to use the offline mainkey
> also for encryption/decryption of files, that are so important that
> subkey encryption/decryption is not secure enough.

I do :-)


> Is there a reason for that? Am I missing something?

There are certain risks using the same RSA key for encryption and 
signing. If you make a blind signature over data someone supplied then 
you unintentionally decrypt the data (and send it back).

There are legal and organizational arguments, too:

1) If you are forced to give a decryption key to the authorities then it 
is an advantage if they cannot use this key to forge signatures.

2) If a signature key has expired then you may delete the private part. 
You should usually never throw away a decryption key, though, as it can 
happen that you have to decrypt data long after the public part has 

I say: Everyone needs keys at different security levels (German):

E.g. the key which is going to sign this email is not suitable for 
handling really important data. But as long as hardly anybody has a 
complete high-security key it seems useful to have at least the mainkey 
as a last resort.

Technically you could use other subkeys for higher security levels – but 
who would understand that? Seems very dangerous to me, more dangerous 
than using the mainkey.

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