Google releases beta OpenPGP code

Suspekt suspekt at
Wed Jun 4 19:16:49 CEST 2014

I have read the article too but I have to disagree. People using gmail 
will probably be logged in their google account all (most of the) the 
time. So google knows what they're searching, watching, listen to music, 
what the are talking about(g+) and so on. I think google has so massive 
data about their users that scanning emails as another source just isn't 
mission critical any longer. Probably they also know whats going on on 
facebook and twitter by their omnipresent google ads.
IIRC google doesn't scan cooporate mails and students mail (if the 
school or university participates in googles programs)  because of data 
protection issues, at least in europe.

I think google offering PGP is VERY interesting for several reasons:
- it'll integrate seamless in gmail, so no issues with plugins getting 
shut down or incompatible by some changes
- people maybe get used to encryption, so no more or less "i can't open 
the strange attachment you sent me"
- they will probably find a convenient solution to integrate it on 
smartphones, more and more (young) people don't use "classic PCs" at all
- i think some people at google are really angry about the 
3-letter-agencies. see:

To be clear: There are of course a lot pitfalls storing keys somewhere 
in the browser etc. but its definitely a interesting development.


Am 04.06.2014 10:32, schrieb Werner Koch:
> On Wed,  4 Jun 2014 04:43, dshaw at said:
>> I haven't looked at the fine details yet, but on the surface it seems
>> like they're aiming at Gmail (mainly, but not solely).
> Interesting.  This is in contrast to a recent online article in the
> German c't magazine [1] where the author claims that Google would
> cannibalize their own business model if they offer end-to-end
> encryption.  Apple on the other hand can afford the luxury of encrypted
> chats because their revenue stream is not alone based on advertising.
> Maybe Google now fears that users move away from Gmail and to mitigate
> that they provide end-to-end so that they still have access to their
> user's traffic pattern.
> Shalom-Salam,
>     Werner
> [1]

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