Google releases beta OpenPGP code

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Sun Jun 8 02:29:16 CEST 2014

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El 04-06-2014 4:32, Werner Koch escribió:
> On Wed,  4 Jun 2014 04:43, dshaw at said:
>> I haven't looked at the fine details yet, but on the surface it
>> seems like they're aiming at Gmail (mainly, but not solely).
> Interesting.  This is in contrast to a recent online article in
> the German c't magazine [1] where the author claims that Google
> would cannibalize their own business model if they offer
> end-to-end encryption.  Apple on the other hand can afford the
> luxury of encrypted chats because their revenue stream is not alone
> based on advertising.

  I have the feeling about Google doesn't care if a small percentage
of users avoid the business model. As an example, since I made my
first gmail account (at that time you needed an invitation to make an
account, and people only had 6 invitations to send), I've been using
my account through POP3/SMTP, so I never see the advertisement. Of
course, when I got my 6 invitations, I sent them to other friends, and
none of them use Thunderbird or equivalent, so google lost the
advertisement I don't see, but got other 6 people that see it... I
guess they bet it will be the same with OpenPGP. Most people value the
ability to access their messages from anywhere, using webmail, and
won't want to have to carry their private keys with them.

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