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> > There is a /lot/ of bad advice out there; I'd be wary of linking to
> > it.
> I understand that. But those links are out there and just by searching
> on the internet you'll find a lot of some, because they seem to quite
> popular on google... Maybe start a "bad practice" list? naming and
> shaming?

There are recommendations you can discuss for quite a while but there 
are also (and that's probably the majority of cases you mean) statements 
which are stupid or plain wrong.

"Before you can use a key you have to make it valid. In order to get 
this done just set the owner trust to ultimate"...

And incomplete information:

"After creating the key create a revocation certificate, too." I still 
have to be told why it shall be possible to have a safe backup of the 
revocation certificate but impossible (or less possible) to have a safe 
backup of the secret mainkey...

When I encounter such statements (more or less limited to German pages) 
then I contact the author or leave a comment on that page. As they all 
make the same mistakes I meanwhile have a list of text blocks which I 
can use with copy&paste...

I even offer to check articles before or after publication:

I recommend that all qualified people do the same when encountering bad 
articles. It seems important to me to increase the quality of 
information out there.

Crypto für alle:
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