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Casey Marshall cmars at
Mon Jun 9 21:50:32 CEST 2014

Hi Kristian,
I've fixed inaccuracies in the Hockeypuck total key count. Hockeypuck
now uses an exact row count, updated in the background every few hours
(at release hockeypuck_1.0.1~a2~dev20140609+8e0dfc6). has been updated to this latest version, which is
available in the unstable PPA, ppa:hockeypuck/unstable. I'll be
proposing this fix along with a few others into trusty/universe soon.

Apologies for any confusion this has caused.


On 06/05/2014 05:24 PM, Kristian Fiskerstrand wrote:
> On 06/06/2014 12:09 AM, Werner Koch wrote:
>> On Thu,  5 Jun 2014 20:09, holtzm at said:
>>> On Thu, Jun 05, 2014 at 03:26:16AM -0400, Cpp wrote:
>>>> Dear GnuPG users,
>>>> As part of the ResetTheNet campaign I decided to start using
>>>> email encryption. I am a relatively new user of gpg, who is
>>>> looking forward to using it for secure communication.
>>> This is not a critism, but with who do you plan on communicating
>>>  using encryption? Absolutely no one I know uses it or is
>>> remotely
>> Well, with 80000 new keys in the last 7 days there is at least some
>> hope to find someone to send send encrypted messages.
>> Kristian: Is spike at the right side of the charts at 
>> a bug?
> Its not a bug in the crawler software, however the spike occurred in
> [0] that reports to be 73,350 keys ahead of the rest of the pool, so
> I'm trying to get a confirmation from the operator what it is about. I
> expect it is an issue with that server (running Hockeypuck) but won't
> remove the data unless I get a confirmation. It would just be re-added
> on next key count check, so if it is an error it will have to be
> fixed, or I will have to put the server in the global exclude list.
> And if it is not in error, we need to get the keys distributed out to
> there rest of the pool.
> References
> [0]

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